The famous brands of 3d printing pen

If you love to make 3d printed objects, you may love the 3d printing pen as well. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s actually a handheld 3d printer, and its shape is actually just like the ordinary pen However, its ink is capable of forming three-dimensional objects, and there are so many creative people who’ve used it to create three-dimensional doodles. If you wish to learn more about 3d printing pen, you can visit to get more info about it.

There are 2 famous brands that have been well-known by many people on the internet. The first one is the 3Doodler. It’s only $75 and it needs electricity to be used. Don’t give this one to the children, due to the ink, and some parts of this 3d printing pen can be very hot. Then if you want the safer one, you may choose Creopop. It has the cool ink which will react to the UV light and then it becomes harder. It’s not hot at all and this one is safer for kids. However, it costs $89.