Differences of Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Usually, in a laundry place, like the one on thelaundrycenter.com/, there are at least two types of laundry services which are offered; they are the laundry and dry cleaning. Thus, for those of you who want to use the services from such a place, you need to determine which service that you need. To determine it, you need to know the differences between both of the services. Here are some of the differences:

–    Cleaning materials
Cleaning agents used in laundry detergents in the form of additional deodorant and fabric softener, approximately equal to the mother uses at home. Dry clean uses chemicals perchloroethylene to remove dirt on the clothes. Some people with sensitive skin can get easily irritated by the chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process; while detergents are used in the laundry process is usually safer for sensitive skin.

–    The consumption of electrical energy
Electrical energy used for laundry with washing machine process can be up to 50% less energy than the electricity needed to run the machine dry clean.