CIES creates the better future for our education

Learning is one of the most important aspects of our life as a human being. It can reach its maximum potential while it’s being supported by an effective and reliable education system. Sadly, there are so many countries out there which are lacking the decent learning system. That’s why a community which is always discussing the educational topics is created, and it’s called CIES. The events just like CIES2016 has made it possible for many ideas to become reality. This community of comparative and international education society stands out among the other scholarly associations.

It’s a unique educational society which allows so many new ideas and breakthroughs to emerge. It allows each member to proudly bring their own opinion while they’re discussing the education-related topics. This community prioritizes the cross-cultural point of views, which allows all members to evaluate a topic from many perspectives. This is one of the most important keys that have lost in many other communities. Allowing the different perspectives to step up and show their own ideas is really hard to be found in many places. However, within the CIES, a person can freely show the other members his or her own point of view. Which may create new discoveries to be found whole the other communities might shut that kind of perspective down.

Solving the problems in our global education system will be even harder if there is no community like CIES. Appreciating the different perspectives is crucial if one organization wishes to find new insights and inspiration to appear. However, many people have forgotten to appreciate each others opinion, and that’s why it’s difficult for our global learning system to evolve. Fortunately, with an association like CIES, we will have many promising hopes that will take us to the better and the more effective learning methods and systems in the future.