Some tips to pass the B1 English test

Passing the B1 English test is necessary if you’re planning to get the UK visa. You can’t expect to get the visa if you can’t even speak English fluently, due to the test itself is a spoken exam. Furthermore, you also need to train your British English grammar so you can speak comfortably and confidently with the examiner. You may also want to visit to book your exam once you’re ready for it.

Aside from the English skill itself, you also need to choose your topic wisely. The examiner will provide several topics for you, such as about the festivals, special occasions, music, entertainment, and even your recent personal histories. Choose the one which is your favorite, and you will do it just fine. Then you may want to choose the best attire for you to wear during the exam. Don’t forget to mind your manner as well. No matter how good your English skill is if your manner is bad there is a high risk for you to be rejected because of it.